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rituel primal, anthropologie, rituel, matthieu smyth


Rituel Primal, Ashoka, Matthieu Smyth

ASHOKA accompanies individuals, couples and their families – in particular those outside the religious mainstream – facing major transitions to ensuring that their personal values and convictions are reflected in each unique and memorable ceremony.

rituel primal, anthropologie, matthieu smyth

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

Secular rituals trainer

Psychotherapist, author and secular celebrant

"I came to ritual theory through a back door, as a practitioner, motivated by the need of people around me for secular life event ceremonies. Over the last five years, my conversations with Matthieu Smyth have kept me on track. He is responsable for piquing my curiosity about ritual and also for encouraging me to look at the role of the senses in ritualising. In my work, I see the remarkable effects of both ritualisation and body approaches like Somatic Experiencing. Both benefit from the same neurophysiological processes in the resolution of trauma.”

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