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rituel primal, anthropologie, rituel, matthieu smyth


Rituel Primal, Ashoka, Matthieu Smyth
rituel primal, anthropologie, matthieu smyth

ASHOKA accompanies individuals, couples and their families – in particular those outside the religious mainstream – facing major transitions to ensuring that their personal values and convictions are reflected in each unique and memorable ceremony.

Jeltje Gordon-Lennox

Secular rituals trainer

Psychotherapist, author and secular celebrant

"I came to ritual theory through a back door, as a practitioner, motivated by the need of people around me for secular life event ceremonies. Over the last five years, my conversations with Matthieu Smyth have kept me on track. He is responsable for piquing my curiosity about ritual and also for encouraging me to look at the role of the senses in ritualising. In my work, I see the remarkable effects of both ritualisation and body approaches like Somatic Experiencing. Both benefit from the same neurophysiological processes in the resolution of trauma.”


Rédactrice : Jeltje Gordon-Lennox
Contributions : Ellen Dissanayake, Matthieu Smy
th, Robert C. Scaer, Andrés Allemand Smaller, Christine Behrend, Isabel Russo, Michael Picucci, Joanna Wojtkowiak, Lindy Mechefske, Irene Stengs, Gianpiero Vincenzo, Jacqueline Millner

Matthieu Smyth : 

In this book I wrote the following paper 

Human Rituals and Ethology: A Scholarly Journey

Descriptif : 

Cette discussion sur l'importance du rituel séculier est placée au sein du domaine transdisciplinaire émergent de la ritologie. S'écartant des concepts traditionnels qui lie le rituel de manière inextricable à la religion, les auteurs évaluent les avantages de la pratique ritualisée pour la santé et le bien-être général.

  Premiers éloges

« Le rituel a été un atout négligé pour la guérison des traumatismes et la restauration des liens brisés. Les divers contributeurs à ce volume en font un ouvrage largement diffusé et accessible à tous ceux qui s'intéressent aux traumatismes rituels et sociaux. »
- Peter A Levine, auteur de Réveiller le tigre : guérir les traumatismes and Trauma et mémoire

« Emerging Ritual in Secular Societies est une excellente introduction à la pensée récente sur le rituel séculier dans les sciences sociales et médicales. »
Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford, UK


Author : Edited by Jeltje Gordon-Lennox
Contributions : Liv Nilsson Stutz, Aaron Jonas Stutz, Stephen W. Porges, Ori Tavor, Matthieu Smyth, Robin Karr-Morse, Juan Carlos Garaizabal, Alex Namu Kamwaria, Sophia Milosevic
Bijleveld, Jeltje Gordon-Lennox, Sasha A. Q. Scott, Bruce K. Alexander, Lisa Schirch, Mae-Wan Ho, Alexey V. Nesterenko, Odile Gordon-Lennox, Peter Saunders

Matthieu Smyth : 

In this book I wrote :


and with Bruce K. Alexander  :




Coping Rituals

Focuses on why people ‘do’ ritual in times of loss, separation and terror

Reveals hidden connections between fear, trauma, creativity and ritual making

Presents a new model of ritualising developed by Stephen W. Porges, originator of polyvagal theoryThis collection of articles reveals ritual to be a unique and powerful asset in healing trauma and broken relationships. Each contribution offers insights on how, in the face of uncertainty, threat and dislocation, human beings feel compelled to 'do something’, usually with or for others, to alleviate their anxiety, fears and sense of powerlessness. The editor and authors demonstrate how the imaginative processes at the heart of ritualmaking contribute to self- and group regulation by healing and mitigating the negative impact of trauma on individuals, collective groups, and even global systems.

The authors are a group of remarkable scholars, researchers and practitioners who represent a diverse range of disciplines and subfields, including archaeology, Chinese studies, digital culture, ecological science, philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy, the politics of memory and the preservation of cultural heritage in wartime, ritual anthropology, social research, physics, research on traumatic stress, and peace studies. Students and researchers across the social and behavioural sciences will find this volume useful.


 Advanced Praise

'A great piece about ritualising at the ambiguous edge!!!'

- Saskia Sassen, Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology and Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University, New York City, USA. Author of Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy.

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